A custom private portal is available for organizations on TheGaniverse® membership platform. Members of TheGaniverse® can now add their favorite organizations to their membership platform as a special add-on feature. The decisions are made by TheGaniverse members!

TheGaniverse® and Alaverse™ are 2 completely different platforms

TheGaniverse® private membership platform

TheGaniverse® membership platform, no business, no organizations, no advertising, no promoting, and no solicitation

Alaverse™ custom private portal platform

Organizations have the option to create custom, private, separate add-on private portals on TheGaniverse® private membership platform. These portals feature tailored private communication and private social media platforms exclusively for organizations, completely separate from TheGaniverse® private membership platform for individuals. However, individuals can only access these portals by requesting to have them added as a separate entity to their own TheGaniverse® private membership platform if they choose to do so.

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Completely New and Very Different!



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