Introducing Alaverse™: Your Custom Private Communication and Engagement Portal

Organizations now have the power to foster private and personalized connections with their members, associates, and donors through a custom private environment. Our innovative platform, Alaverse™, offers tailored private communication and social media platforms exclusively for organizations, allowing them to network, provide support, and engage with individuals who share their mission, including those in their local community.

Custom Private Portals on TheGaniverse® Platform

Organizations can create custom, private, separate add-on portals on TheGaniverse® private membership platform. These portals are designed to cater to the unique needs of each organization, offering a private space for communication and engagement completely separate from the individual member platform. However, individuals can access these portals by requesting to have them added as a separate entity to their own TheGaniverse® private membership platform.

Strict Membership Rules

At TheGaniverse®, we prioritize privacy and security. Therefore, businesses and organizations are not permitted to interact with members on TheGaniverse® private membership platform. This means no advertising, promoting, soliciting, or selling is allowed within the individual member platform. Instead, organizations can engage with members through their own custom Alaverse™ separate add-on private portal, provided that the individual member requests to have it added to their membership.

Empowering Members

The decision to include an organization's Alaverse™ custom private portal rests with the individual TheGaniverse® private member. By giving members control over their engagement, we ensure that interactions remain private, relevant, and meaningful.

Join Us in Alaverse™

We invite organizations to join us in Alaverse™ and experience the transformative power of private communication and engagement. Together, we can build stronger connections, support meaningful causes, and make a positive impact in our communities.

For more information on how to create your custom private portal on TheGaniverse® platform, please contact us today.